All The Warm Lives, part 4: Heart Of An Elephant

Rated R because Sarscha.
Special thanks to Derrick for writing some of Sarscha’s dialog in this part.

Ah, Inquisitor Thrune. I heard you apprehended a fugitive last night, one we’ve been trying to find for quite some time for one of the members of the Council of Ushers. Excellent work.”

Samael paused as he was making his way through the corridors of the Bastion of the Nail shortly after dawn just outside the doorway to the office of Darean Halst. The door was open, and the paralictor to the Order of the Nail was seated at his desk inside, a stack of paperwork piled neatly in front of him. Samael turned to address him. “Thank you, sir.”

I’m sure the Mistress of Blades will be most pleased with this news when she arrives tomorrow,” Halst continued, studying a sheaf of parchment that he lifted from the top of the stack in front of him.

Lady Vox?” Samael asked, raising an eyebrow. “I didn’t realize she was paying the Bastion a visit.”

Yes, she is quite interested in the going ons here in Magnimar, as you may well know,” Halst droned on, glancing up at Samael finally, “and the Gallahad family often pries her for information on this vagabond’s whereabouts at any given opportunity. I’m sure she will be glad to put this business behind her.”

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All The Warm Lives, part 3: Apprehension

Rated R because Sarscha.

Osanna woke early the next morning, before the first rays of the Dawnflower had graced the sky. Laying on her side, she shifted slightly in her bed, sensing a presence behind her. She sat up, slowly and silently, and glanced over her shoulder; Glenn was fast asleep on the opposite side of the bed, laying on the edge of the mattress, his back toward her.

The tiefling turned slowly so that she was facing him, watching him for several moments. He looked peaceful and content for the moment, sleeping quietly, although she knew he would not be once he woke. Her heart ached painfully, knowing there was little she could do to comfort him during this painful time – worse, that she had probably inadvertently added to his suffering with her misplaced words the night before.

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Sandpoint Investigation Begins (Samael’s Journal pt 1)

20 Rova, 4707 A.R., Fortress of the Nail

I have received confirmation from Malleus that my apprenticeship is over.  The Asmodean rolls now list me as an ‘Inquisitor of the 1st Circle’.  It has only been a few days since my pacts were signed in my blood.  The young apprentice had died.  It seems an eternity though, no longer being an apprentice, but not yet in possession of my mask.  Tonight he will bestow my mask and I will begin my career as an Inquisitor in full.  I already sense a change in our relationship.  This morning over breakfast he conveyed to me my instructions from the order.  He did not order me himself.  I was taken aback by this at first.  Tomorrow I am to travel from the fortress and make my way to a small town called Sandpoint.  The residents have completed a new chapel, with shrines to the gods.  Despite the safety and security we have brought to this country side, the townsfolk overlooked an opportunity to pay proper respect to The First.  I am to travel there, offer what help I can, and ensure that the people better understand what kind of debt of gratitude they owe to the Inquisition and the Knights, all who give blood and life in order to hold back the ravening hordes.  Perhaps they can be persuaded to add a shrine, and I can help them better understand the virtues of self reliance and order, rather than bowing to gods that make them soft and are as changing as the wind.  I will miss Malleus, but he has told me his business in the fortress is not completed.  He has been quite hesitant to tell me what is going on here, and I sense his affections for his apprentice have influenced him to exclude me for my own protection.  After I have completed my duties in Sandpoint, I will return here unless instructed otherwise.  I will not leave my former master to work here alone.