All The Warm Lives, part 8: Music Box

Yserveielle stood just inside the doorway to Glenn’s bedchamber, keeping his door propped open with the tip of her tail as she stared at the items laid out on his bed. She could feel another smirk tugging at one corner of her lips. Glenn had insisted that he had nothing to do with how her lingerie ended up arranged on his bed in such a way that would suggest he was more than willing to see her in it – and have her make use of the cold-iron tipped riding crop that accompanied the outfit. Indeed, he had seemed quite panicked when both Yservielle and Osanna had inspected the scene in his room just minutes ago; the fear emanating off of him in that moment had been almost intoxicating to her, and if Osanna had not been right there, Yservielle felt certain she would have dragged Glenn back into the bedroom and taken him then and there, despite any protests he might have voiced.

Osanna had gone back to sleep now, though, and it would be a simple thing for Yservielle to don the underbust corset, crotchless panties, garter belts, and stockings before descending back down to her own chamber where Glenn was waiting. She felt it would not be difficult to convince him to let her have her way with him; she had done it many times before, and no man or woman had ever refused her before.

Yservielle reached for the corset, letting her fingers run down the buckles that fastened the front of it. It would certainly be a pleasant end to what had started as a rather distasteful evening.

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All The Warm Lives, part 7: A Place To Call Home

It seems you have quite a way with words, Lady Redbreeze,” Paralictor Halst commented, holding the door open to an office room in the back of the Bastion of the Nail as Osanna stepped through. Glenn followed, still being escorted by one of the other Hellknights who had accompanied them to the Pediment Building for his sentencing hearing. “This is not the first time you have managed to convince the Justices to release a convicted criminal to your custody.”

I simply state the truth,” Osanna replied as Halst shut the door behind their party. The Paralictor made his way to the opposite side of a heavy wooden desk that dominated the center of the chamber, setting several sheafs of parchment down before him and picking up a pair of reading glasses.

We have a few things to go over before either of you can go,” Halst stated as he slipped the glasses over his nose, glancing up at first Osanna, then Glenn with a small frown. “The Justices have voted not to remand you to the Hells, but that does not mean you are simply free to do as you please,” the Paralictor continued, settling his gaze on the man bound before him. “First, you are–”

Excuse me, Paralictor,” Osanna cut in suddenly. Both Glenn and the Hellknight commander glanced at her, Halst frowning slightly at being interrupted. “Pardon me for interrupting, but – are the manacles really necessary at this point?” She motioned toward the shackles that bound Glenn’s hands before him.

Halst looked momentarily annoyed. “I suppose not,” he conceded after a pause. He nodded toward the Hellknight who had escorted Glenn back to the Bastion. The man stepped forward and unfastened the binds from around Glenn’s wrists.

Um, thanks,” Glenn muttered, glancing up toward the Hellknight’s helmed face as he rubbed his wrists; a thin, angry red line braceleted his skin. The Hellknight didn’t respond as he stepped back.

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All The Warm Lives, part 6: Judgment Day

Most of Osanna’s dialog in this part was written by Derrick.


Zelia sat nervously among the gallery of the courtroom of the Pediment Building, where the Justice Court was preparing to meet regarding Glenn’s sentencing. She had never actually been inside this room before; she had been to the Pediment Building over a few minor infractions over the years, but none of them had ever warranted her going before the Justices.

The room itself looked more like a small arena than a courtroom. The chamber was circular and bowl-shaped. Zelia was currently seated among a row of other spectators in one of the rows of tiered benches that ran along the length of the wall of the room; the one in front of her was set a bit lower, and the one behind her a bit higher, so as to allow everyone a better look at what was happening in the center of the chamber. At the back of the room at ground level stood a pair of double doors that lead to the rest of the building, where other people were currently filing in and making their way up the rows of benches to find seats in the gallery around Zelia. At the opposite end of the floor of the chamber stood a long bench atop a raised dais, with thirteen individual chairs behind it, all currently empty. In the center of the room stood a second, smaller platform, large enough for a single person to stand upon but devoid of any furnishings.

Stop fidgeting,” Carmine said, glancing at her sister. “Just be glad you’re not the one on trial.”

What would I be on trial for?” Zelia demanded, giving her sister a sideways look with a frown.

I have no idea,” Carmine replied with a shrug, “but I don’t doubt there’s something.”

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All The Warm Lives, part 5: Cupcakes

I screwed up Gaetana’s rank in the last section — Lictors are actually the leaders of a Hellknight order.  Paralictors fall beneath them (with a Mistress or Master of Blades (Maidrayne Vox’s rank) being the second in command below the Lictor and above a Paralictor) and Maralictors are beneath Paralictors.  I’m not going to go back and fix the previous chapter, but from here on out Gaetana will correctly be addressed as Maralictor.

* * *

A knock sounded on the door that lead to the conference room where Maidrayne Vox was currently in conversation with Darean Halst inside the Bastion of the Nail. “Lady Vox?” came Maralictor Gaetana’s voice from the hallway. “Lady Redbreeze to see you again, ma’am.”

Yes, send her in,” Vox replied, setting aside the paperwork that she and Halst were looking over together. The door opened, and Maralictor Gaetana stepped aside to admit the Sarenite paladin.

Lady Vox…Paralictor Halst,” Osanna greeted both of the Hellknight commanders as Gaetana closed the door behind her once she was inside the room.

Yes, good afternoon, Lady Redbreeze,” Halst addressed her with a nod. “Lady Vox told me you had come to call.”

We were just going over the final details of the prisoner’s transfer,” Vox added. “I trust you are done visiting with him?”

I am,” Osanna confirmed. Vox could tell there was a hint of uneasiness to the tiefling’s voice as she continued. “That’s actually what I wanted to speak with you about before I left, if I may trouble you for a moment of your time.”

We are expected at the Pediment Building,” Halst commented abruptly.

A moment, then,” Vox declared, holding up a hand to Halst before he could continued. “Speak, then, Lady Redbreeze.”

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All The Warm Lives, part 4: Heart Of An Elephant

Rated R because Sarscha.
Special thanks to Derrick for writing some of Sarscha’s dialog in this part.

Ah, Inquisitor Thrune. I heard you apprehended a fugitive last night, one we’ve been trying to find for quite some time for one of the members of the Council of Ushers. Excellent work.”

Samael paused as he was making his way through the corridors of the Bastion of the Nail shortly after dawn just outside the doorway to the office of Darean Halst. The door was open, and the paralictor to the Order of the Nail was seated at his desk inside, a stack of paperwork piled neatly in front of him. Samael turned to address him. “Thank you, sir.”

I’m sure the Mistress of Blades will be most pleased with this news when she arrives tomorrow,” Halst continued, studying a sheaf of parchment that he lifted from the top of the stack in front of him.

Lady Vox?” Samael asked, raising an eyebrow. “I didn’t realize she was paying the Bastion a visit.”

Yes, she is quite interested in the going ons here in Magnimar, as you may well know,” Halst droned on, glancing up at Samael finally, “and the Gallahad family often pries her for information on this vagabond’s whereabouts at any given opportunity. I’m sure she will be glad to put this business behind her.”

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All The Warm Lives, part 3: Apprehension

Rated R because Sarscha.

Osanna woke early the next morning, before the first rays of the Dawnflower had graced the sky. Laying on her side, she shifted slightly in her bed, sensing a presence behind her. She sat up, slowly and silently, and glanced over her shoulder; Glenn was fast asleep on the opposite side of the bed, laying on the edge of the mattress, his back toward her.

The tiefling turned slowly so that she was facing him, watching him for several moments. He looked peaceful and content for the moment, sleeping quietly, although she knew he would not be once he woke. Her heart ached painfully, knowing there was little she could do to comfort him during this painful time – worse, that she had probably inadvertently added to his suffering with her misplaced words the night before.

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All The Warm Lives, part 2: Home, Sweet Home


Glenn came awake with a start. His hand was on the hilt of his sword before his eyes were even open; he had left it propped against the side of the sofa next to him before he had laid down. His reflexes were one thing that had not dulled in the time he had been gone, although he had been so deeply asleep that he hadn’t noticed Osanna step back into the room. She was crouching in front of him now, a hand on his shoulder, looking at him sadly. He stared at her for a moment before looking away, feeling a mixture a doubt and resentment as he slowly sat up. A half-eaten apple, obtained from the platter of fruit she had left for him before she had departed earlier and discarded when he fell asleep, sat on the floor between them.

I know you’re tired,” Osanna said as Glenn pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes, “but I think you would feel better if you got cleaned up before sleeping. You are free to rest here as long as you like after that.”

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Last Letter

I meant to post this before the first part of All The Warm Lives went up.  This was the letter Glenn left for Osanna before he left Magnimar in The End Of The Beginning.

Dear Osanna –

Do you remember when we first met? It seems like so long ago, but really it’s been less than a year. And yet, we’ve gotten to know each other so well in such a short amount of time – like I’ve known you all my life. I’ve never had a friend like you. I can’t imagine not knowing you – not having you in my life. You mean more to me than I could ever properly express through words.

And yet, I’m writing this because I have to leave for a while. I can’t tell you where I’m going, and I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, and I already know you’re going to be angry. Please stop giving me that look. You have no idea how it tears me up to know I could possibly be the cause of any sort of anguish to you. Please believe me when I say that there is something I must do, something very important, and this is the only way.

I know this is a poor way to say goodbye. You deserve so much better. You have a lot of questions and you’ll probably have a lot more when the Hellknights come looking for me. I would much rather tell you this in person, but it would be better, for you and the temple, if you know as little about this situation as possible. Know that I’m alright, and so is Helena, but we can’t stay in Magnimar. I suspect it would be relatively simple for you – or, more accurately, Bill – to find us, but I would ask that you don’t. There is something the two of us must do, and it would be best if no one follow us for the time being.

I made a promise, once, to return to her. I didn’t break that promise, exactly, since I was able to fulfill it tonight, but it took much longer than I had anticipated, and I fear the damage that has been done is irrevocable. So I’m not going to promise to return someday. I couldn’t bear to break a promise to you, should something happen to me. But I will do everything I can to come back and explain everything properly one day.

Perhaps this is for the best, honestly. You know how I feel about you, and I know you can never return those feelings. Recently being near you – especially now that we don’t have goblins and giants and Runelords to worry about, and we can simply enjoy each others’ company – has been some of the happiest moments of my life, but also the hardest. I know we can never be together the way I would want us to, and I would never ask anything more of you. I have accepted that, but it still tears me apart inside.

Please understand.


All The Warm Lives, part 1: Reunion

Rated R for language and…other stuff.

Let me first preface this piece by saying that if you are new to the blog and have never read about Glenn and Osanna before, please, please don’t start with this piece.  This is not a good piece to introduce these characters with — they are very out of character here.

That being said, if you are familiar with Osanna & Glenn, welcome to them at their lowest and darkest points.  This was a challenging piece to write for a number of reasons but I think it offered some great development, for both me as a writer and for the characters themselves.

Derrick and I actually roleplayed this scene out before I wrote it, so consider him the co-writer since most of Osanna’s dialog came directly from him.

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The End Of The Beginning, part 1: Progeny

Our Rise of the Runelords game ended several weeks ago, but Glenn’s story is far from over.  The following are the events that happen directly after he and the rest of the party return to Magnimar, but there is much more I have in mind for his after this, as well.  Some of it I may roleplay with the others, if any of them are interested; some of it I might just write about on my own.

Looking back, Glenn has evolved into a much different character than I had imagined when I first made him.  I think Tony said the same thing about Xander and I would be surprised if anyone in our group could say that their characters made it to the end of the campaign without some leaps, twists, and left turns that we weren’t expecting.  I think that’s what’s part of what made this campaign so fantastic.  I may do a whole separate post on Glenn’s character conception, what I had planned for him two years ago, and what I have planned for him now, and we’ll see how his story evolves in another two years.



Images flickered through my mind. A massive, red-skinned fiend with flame-smoldering wings loomed above a paralyzed Osanna, ready to rend her apart with a set of razor-like, ebony claws. Xander and Samael, previously engaged with a bronze-skinned storm giant, were suddenly engulfed by a sickening green cloud of mist, followed immediately by a sphere of prismatic colors that blocked all vision into the orb, as well as the screams that I knew were coming from within. A black-skinned giant with searing white runes etched into its muscles towered above me, an impossibly large sword raised, prepared to strike…

Karzoug flew among us, laughing, mocking us, before a soul-crushing howl filled the room, nearly sending me to my knees as I covered my ears in a vain attempt to block out the cacophony; my stomach turned painfully, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Naru collapse.

Father, why did you abandon me? Why did you leave me… Continue reading