All The Warm Lives, part 7: A Place To Call Home

It seems you have quite a way with words, Lady Redbreeze,” Paralictor Halst commented, holding the door open to an office room in the back of the Bastion of the Nail as Osanna stepped through. Glenn followed, still being escorted by one of the other Hellknights who had accompanied them to the Pediment Building for his sentencing hearing. “This is not the first time you have managed to convince the Justices to release a convicted criminal to your custody.”

I simply state the truth,” Osanna replied as Halst shut the door behind their party. The Paralictor made his way to the opposite side of a heavy wooden desk that dominated the center of the chamber, setting several sheafs of parchment down before him and picking up a pair of reading glasses.

We have a few things to go over before either of you can go,” Halst stated as he slipped the glasses over his nose, glancing up at first Osanna, then Glenn with a small frown. “The Justices have voted not to remand you to the Hells, but that does not mean you are simply free to do as you please,” the Paralictor continued, settling his gaze on the man bound before him. “First, you are–”

Excuse me, Paralictor,” Osanna cut in suddenly. Both Glenn and the Hellknight commander glanced at her, Halst frowning slightly at being interrupted. “Pardon me for interrupting, but – are the manacles really necessary at this point?” She motioned toward the shackles that bound Glenn’s hands before him.

Halst looked momentarily annoyed. “I suppose not,” he conceded after a pause. He nodded toward the Hellknight who had escorted Glenn back to the Bastion. The man stepped forward and unfastened the binds from around Glenn’s wrists.

Um, thanks,” Glenn muttered, glancing up toward the Hellknight’s helmed face as he rubbed his wrists; a thin, angry red line braceleted his skin. The Hellknight didn’t respond as he stepped back.

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Spoiler-Free Recap

In lieu of a new chapter of All The Warm Lives this week, I have updated the What’s This? section of the blog.  I have had a few people ask about the blog, and realize there is so much ground to cover to get people up to date to the current storyline that we really needed to have a summary available somewhere so people who are new to the story can get caught up and not be totally lost.  However, there are also people who are playing or planning on playing Rise of the Runelords, so I tried to keep the recap as spoiler-free for the actual content of the Adventure Path as possible.  We added so much original content that I really focused on our characters’ backstories and individual story arcs and kept the main storyline as vague as possible.

Anyway, you can find the recap under the What’s This? section, where I also organized most of the relevant blog posts by the order that they happen in, since a lot of them ended up being posted out of order and would be really confusing to read if you just read them straight through.  Enjoy!