Giants and Dragons and Dire Bears, Oh MY! (Xander’s Journal pt 15)

Sandpoint has weathered the storm.  We have fought off Giants, their pet Dire Bears, and a Dragon and emerged victorious.  The only real casualty being the barracks, and a good chunk of the church roof.  Not one person was killed, thank Desna.  Our planning and evacuation paid off, not to mention the benefits of a flying giant squid.

It seems that these are the vanguard of a larger force, according to our captives.  They were sent by the leader of the giant forces to gather stones from various locations in order to find a tomb of a general from the wars between the Runelords of old.  It seems that we have once again found ourselves in an even larger meat grinder.

We now know what they are looking for, and why.  Where remains a mystery, but I am confident that we can determine that in time.  Quink is working on correlating the locations of the ancient ruins, so that perhaps we can find this tomb ourselves.  It could contain something we can use since it was the burial site of an enemy general to this Karzoug.


Fruitless.  The stones lie somewhere to the south, but no one knows where and we can’t really judge by air in the undergrowth.

Looks like plan B is to just march on in to the leader of these giants, ask him pretty please can he stop murdering the countryside, and also can we get the stones you collected so far?  Madness.

But, it’s all we have.


Homesick. Osanna’s Journal Part 16

Esteemed Caliph-

                Some time has passed since I last apprised you of my exploits in the west.  A great, never-ending evil plagues this land called Varisia.  Its cities and other assorted settlements rest atop the ruins of the ancient empire called Thassilon, which was ruled by 7 wizards of immense power that stylized themselves as “Runelords.”  These wizards were able to develop a style of magic that magnified its power from the seven deadly sins, and each sin is intimately linked to a particular school of magic. 

                The horrors that I’ve been exterminating with my companions have stemmed from the ruined kingdoms of two of these ancient wizards.  One, an evoker, linked to the sin of wrath.  The other, a conjurerer, linked to the sin of greed.  As I’m sure you know, evil feeds on itself, and these kingdoms warred with each other for domination in ancient times and their magic remains to this day in secreted tombs or as the architecture of ancient weaponry. 

                We’ve also uncovered two disturbing truths about the extent of their power.  One, these wizards had the power to enslave a multitude of giants of varying species for a wide array of purposes to include manual labor and warfare.  Of concern relating to this, the area of modern-day Varisia known as the Storval Plateau is dominated by a great many tribes of giants that call the area home.  Two, some of these wizards were quite pious in nature, as I’ve violently discovered that the runelord of wrath, this Alaznist, was inexorably linked to Lamashtu and her monstrous ilk.  It would seem that Sandpoint, the town I was dispatched to, was constructed over the ruins of Alaznist’s domain and we are still searching for forgotten tombs of her monstrous heroes so that they no longer plague this good people.

                Most recently, a large force of stone giants along with a dragon assaulted Sandpoint with dual purpose; to raze the town and to locate a magical stone that would grant the giants’ leader the power of an runelord and impose his will upon Varisia at large.  The town suffered superficial damage from fire and boulders, and the garrison of the town guard was burned to the ground.  But no one died.  Not one casualty.  Two giant survivors imparted the information we needed in order to find the lair of their chieftain, and there we must go to cut the head off of the snake.

                The dragon, father, was terrible and awe-inspiring.  It burrowed up beneath us from the depths of the earth, and then took wing to unleash fiery hell upon us like the terrible wyrms that I read about as a girl.  We ambushed it through magical means and we barely scratched the great beast before it dove back into the earth for a short time.  It was, strong, clever, prepared, and an experienced skirmisher.  The beast bit me, and if I had been anything less than what I am, I would have been ripped in half and eaten.  Should we meet it again, it will be an awful battle and one worthy of the bards.

                I should also tell you that I have found a sister, and I found her locked away in an ancient vault underneath The Evenlight’s temple in Magnimar that I am in the process of rebuilding.  The Monster locked her away there for 10 years in the dark with the sole purpose of murdering me upon my arrival.  I survived; she escaped, and has promised to return to find me again to finish the job.  It is my intent to capture her and help her to walk a better road.  Pray to Sarenrae for me, no, for us both.

                I miss you, father.  I miss home.  I also miss my rapscallion brothers, and I long to see you all again.  Perhaps you will visit? I know that you can afford a teleport spell…. I hope to see you all soon, if She wills it.