A pestilence upon us! (Osanna’s journal pt. 8)

Osanna finishes sweeping out the shrine of Sarenrae and falls to her knees before the likeness of The Dawnflower as the sun’s first rays shine over the horizon.

Evenlight.  My hopes for peace in Sandpoint after eradicating Lamashtu’s corrupted spawn were not to be.  The enemy is upon us once again.  The dead walk.  Ghouls and ghasts are ravaging the goodly folk tending their farms in the countryside outside of the safety of Sandpoint’s walls.  Many of the innocent were consumed, or worse, infected and turned.  We rode hard and smote a cadre of the filth at a small family farm.  We rescued the two remaining survivors and purged the disease from their blood before the horrible curse of undeath took them.

We fear an epidemic, nay a scourge should we not find the origin.  This…patient zero.  But there is hope.  We combated a bloated necromancer conducting sinister research in the basement of a sanitarium.  In exchange for his life, he provided us with vital intelligence.  He has been tracking the movements of the ghoul & ghast attacks throughout the countryside and is convinced that there is….a new strain or species of the beast at work that possesses new capabilities and a greater intelligence.  It makes sense.  The beast that ravaged the young lovers in the lumber mill was clearly like nothing I learned about in my training.

I ask of you, mighty Sarenrae, to shield my companions from harm and let them return hale and whole as we hunt this scourge.  I will draw upon the strength you have generously granted me to eradicate the enemy so that I might continue to do execute the sacred duties that you have charged me with.


For the Sun and the Fury!


Osanna opens her journal and scribes a brief entry as her companions take a short rest

It’s left us clues.  It appears to be obsessed with the Asmodean.  We’ve followed the monster per it’s invitation to the mansion of his family.  The rumors were true.  The restless spirits of its murdered family still linger and nearly killed some of my compatriots to include poor Ko. It appears that the former resident of this great house attempted to become a lich, that most unholy abomination and perversion of the flows of magic.  An interesting note:  It appears that process failed due to interruption by his then wife.  It is likely that lichdom was not achieved, but I have no recollection of coming across anything during my training that explains what happens to the victim should the process fail.  I have a feeling that we will soon find out.  I do not fear it.  I will put the beast down for good and end this scourge once and for all.  But what of my companions?  Every maligned spirit in this place has assailed them at every turn…but not me.

I see Her hand at work at it fills me with warmth and strength.  I know now that Her precious gifts allow me to purify the living of disease and sickness…even in the confused and dishonest.  Yes, even the most wayward deserve our guidance and succor.   And these spirits…these haunts…they hold no sway over me.  I do not fear them.  It is evident that I am meant to by the purifying light in this dark place that leads my companions to victory and then to the safety of their beds upon our return.  I will not dim.  I will not falter.

Lastly, I do not know why this abomination has such an unhealthy obsession with Samael Thrune,  but together we will get to the bottom of this.  I will not permit such a man of strength to be the focal point of a more nefarious plot.  He will not fall.