Hidden Memories (Hathus’ Journal pt4)

Dear Diary,

Osanna came by tonight and began asking questions as though she knows what really happened, but she can’t.  Nobody does.

The lies are stacking and I am not sure I can keep them straight anymore.  I’m not sure what is real and fiction.cheap bns goldbuy bns gold

I am beginning to think returning was a mistake.  While the screams no longer haunt me, the faces do.  They are locked in a horrific silent scream.  The reminders of the fire have grown constantly.  I swear I can still smell the smoke.  This is too much for me to take and I must leave this town as soon as I can earn my status.

As a side note: There is something about Osanna that I recognize from my days at the academy.  If I had the time I could recall it.  There is something both sinister and erotic about her.  She claims to be a paladin, but I think there are struggels in her clawing to escape.  Perhaps Ko and Osanna?  Perhaps I should explore this a little more when time allows.


Still Alive, and Now a Demonspawn?! A Father’s Dissappointment! (Xander’s Journal pt 4)

Not sure if it’s fear or excitement (probably both), but I barely slept last night.  Mother and I had an argument, she thinks this is too dangerous for me.   She caught me going over my notes of the structure, and immediately told me that I needed to stay away from the ruins, and to just focus on keeping the city ordered until the soldiers get here.  This is getting old, all the things she didn’t tell me, the times I have been shown completely ignorant in front of the others, I’m tired of being coddled.  We don’t have time for this.  There is a crazy monster cult in the city, and they have already shown they will kill anyone and everyone who lives here.  Even family and complete innocents.  She won’t listen, I’m not going to let them come back and hurt her or everything she’s worked so hard for.  Tsuko was willing to kill his own father, and to think the town militia could handle those demon things, we had enough problems with six of us fighting only one of them.  If we wait, they’ll destroy everything.


The Chopper was one of her cultists too it seems, five years and no one knew it.  The fire in the church was probably part of this plan of theirs as well, since it seems Nualia was tied up in it.  Five years, if anyone had even bothered to check this properly, maybe the dead wouldn’t have died at all.

We took Quink and Zantus down the tunnels today.  Cleared out a couple more of those demons, “Sin-spawn” Osanna calls them.  Found a couple of pieces of equipment that survived the eons, and some things that didn’t.  Seems there were some twisted people in the old empire.   Samael had an unhealthy interest in the torture chamber.   Zantus consecrated the one altar, we have no idea what to do about the clear lava fountain.  Quink says it is called a “runewell” and is an ancient thassilonian magic battery that feeds on the death of sinful souls.  We can’t figure out how to destroy it, so we’re collapsing the tunnels leading to the complex, and posting guards for good measure.   I think we killed one of the Goblin leaders Shalelu was talking about, a mutated monstrosity as big as a human.  Luckily, I am getting the hang of this sword and sorcery thing, and once again killed him my foe with a single frost-ridden thrust.  Disgusting thing vomited on Osanna, Hathus, and Kalia first.  Growing up among dwarves seems to have numbed Kalia, she didn’t even flinch and kept firing while Osanna and Hathus were left retching.

Osanna and Samael are going to question Tsuko before he is executed, I just don’t think I can stand to speak to someone who wants to kill his family.

Apparently the consensus is that we should attempt to disrupt the Thistletop Goblin tribe tomorrow, before they can attack us instead.  Six of us against several score goblins, only good things can come of this.  I’m definitely going to have to have a drink and relax tonight, we earned it.


Ameiko must have told them to pour us the good stuff last night.  I didn’t think I had more than one, but I walked home in a fog, everything seemed like it was slightly out of place.  I had the strangest dreams, like I was watching myself from the outside, drinking with the others, and talking to Mother, though I can’t remember exactly what we talked about.  And this morning, Mother stared at me all through breakfast, but she didn’t even put up a fuss when I told her what we were planning.  I could tell she wanted to argue, but she didn’t.  Even when we came back for half of our stock in anti-toxin and anti-plagues.  I can’t get that image of her out of my mind, standing in the doorway, watching me leave with tears in her eyes…  but not like she is now, like she looked like when I was a child, young, and pretty.   I have to shake this, I’ll need a clear head with the goblin infestation.


This page bears a beautiful flowing hand, obviously either an educated woman or a trained secretary, yet just as clearly it is apparent that the writer is agitated and wrote in haste.

Oh my gods, Desna, Sarenrae, and any other listening deities be praised.  He was here the whole time, and I never suspected!  That blade, I don’t know how but it’s true, somehow he survived, miracle of miracles!  Xander doesn’t even know, I could tell he didn’t remember last night at all.  I don’t know what is happening, or whether I should try and talk to him about it.  This is a level of magic I never achieved, neither did Sethys in life, but in death…

I know it has something to do with that symbol he had in his notes, the same one we saw miles and years ago.  That star was the end of my life, I can’t let it be the end of his.  I’m going to have to tell him the truth, it’s been too long and there is no cure.  He has to be ready for it when the time comes.

Sethys was so angry with me, for not teaching him more, but I did everything for Xander.  I thought Sethys was dead and I tried to protect him the only way I could, to keep him from growing up to be like us.   I thought this city was small enough to be safe.  I should have never stayed in Varisia, but I just couldn’t leave without trying to figure something out. 

Luckily, I don’t keep my research on those things with all the other books in the attic, or he’d have found it already. 

When he gets back from this goblin hunt, I’m going to show him everything.  I have to, before he ends up cursed too.  Sethys and I are enough, this has to end before our son ends up worse than we are.


Dear Aunt and Uncle- (Kalia’s Journal #2)

I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. Things have been quite interesting here in Sandpoint. The Swallowtail festival was beautiful, however, there’s something very strange going on in this town. I’ve seen gripplis, goblins, tieflings, skeletons, more goblins, quasits and other strange creatures. I’ve also heard of many creatures swimming in the bay that are “other worldly.” I’m not sure what to make of this but I asked for an adventure and that’s surely what I’ve been given.

The sheriff here in Sandpoint decided to deputize me. I’m not sure why. I haven’t earned the title and responsibility with the way I’ve been shooting. My students have been doing a better job at it than me. Perhaps I need to meditate more so that my mind is focused. I don’t want to let people down but for some reason I’m just not shooting well.

I hope all is well and that mining production is lucrative. Maybe one day you will be able to come meet the friends (if you can call them that) I’ve made. Ko, Lady Osanna, Xander, Hathus and Samael are very interesting people. They are very patient and most of the time understanding of my inexperience with life in the city.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me and allowing me to go on this adventure!

I will try and write more,


We rise together. (Osanna’s Journal pt 3)

The night.  Darkness.   The time in which the world sleeps. The deepest quiet.  Sandpoint has gone to bed and so too must I soon enough.   Perhaps some reflection is appropriate considering recent events. Perhaps this evening a candle will serve as a symbol of who I am… who I choose to be…and what I might have been.

 Osanna lights a candle and opens her cherished dust-free copy of The Birth of Light and Truth.  She runs her fingers through the candle’s flame as she begins to read.

Codex of Paladins.  The Oath.  Verse 1.

“I will protect my allies with my life. They are my light and my strength, as I am their light and their strength. We rise together.”

I have not failed you, Dawnflower.  I brought them all back alive, but I fear for them.  I watched them in the Glassworks.  An entire squad of Lamashtu’s goblins were arrayed against us, and they were full and fat on the flesh of the innocents.  They were still hungry.  Their lust for butchery was not yet satiated as we burst through the door.  We were assaulted.  A few goblins fell, but the green tide was not stopped.  It was then that the rogue Kaijitsu showed himself.  It was then that I watched my comrades lose all prowess on the field…and lose all concern for their bretheren.  My allies.

Xander fell first.  In his attempt to demonstrate his bravado and arcane prowess he neglected to take measures to protect his skin from blades, flames, and teeth.  And he did this…why?  To impress who?  Us?  Me?  Himself?  Or was it another attempt to stick a thumb in Hathus’ eye?  I am better than you, Hathus.  You know nothing, Hathus.  See me excel where you have failed, Hathus.  Hubris.  Was it worth it, dear man?  I watched as his unconscious body was nearly tossed into molten glass.  There would have been no saving him.  His questions would never be answered. His mother would be without her son.  Sandpoint would be robbed of a good man.

Ko followed.  As I rescued Xander from imminent death, my small friend put himself in harm’s way in order to prevent this would-be archer from punishing us with arrows.  He has the heart of the tallest giant with a deadly blade to match.  But I think now…now he realizes that steel and speed are only so much of a defense to rely upon against a superior opponent.  It happened so swiftly that I could not shield him.  A quick dash.  A knee strike between the eyes.  The ground.  Truly you, Evenlight, spared him a swift death.  I do not know what compelled the fist-fighter or his goblin lackey to overlook the fallen Ko, but they did.

Hathus.  The 3rd and final.  I truly do not understand his abilities or his capabilities.  I do not truly know what happened during stay at the wizard academy or how wizards are trained to act and react during a battle.  But I cannot fathom what possessed him to get so close to such a potent opponent when his strengths are clearly meant for altering the battle at range and his frame barely supports boiled leather armor.

During this time I saw no measureable assistance from anyone else.  I witnessed Kahlia shoot arrow after futile arrow against Kaijitsu while his goblins were permitted to maraud and wound.  One more sound blow from the goblin positioned in our rear ranks and I would have had to rescue Hathus from the little green fiend.  The only predictable performance was from Samael Devil-kin.  He smote the goblins surely, but his fervor and tunnel-vision was nearly a deadly detriment to the fallen.  Surely he must be capable of more thought than blood lust and the swing of the mace.

Truly your mercy is limitless.  Or is it?  Will you always be there for them?  Will you always spare their lives when unbound recklessness was the cause of their fall?

They are my light and my strength, as I am their light and their strength.  Sarenrae, Dawnflower, I pray that you guide me in the days to come.  Grant me a patient and steady hand so that I may guide them to look to our strength instead of solely their own.  Grant us the light and strength to stamp Lamashtu’s monsters here once and for all.

After one final moment of quiet contemplation, Osanna shuts the most holy of texts.  Then, with a smile, she blows out the candle.

Crazy Monster Death Cult? Enter the Not-Quite-Incompetent Heroes! (Xander’s Journal pt 3)

In places, the handwriting seems to shift subtly.  It is still recognizable as the same hand, just hesitant and halting.  Usually only for a single word, most often on pronouns.

So.  Our recent exploits with the goblin attack have born fruit.  Sherriff Hemlock has deputized those of us who helped mount a competent defense during the festival, and Hathus as well.  I have also come to see some glaring omissions in Jana’s accounts of the world.  Although she was very thorough on natural remedies, and even helpful on some of the esoteric arcane studies, she has left much to be discovered about the wider world, and those other worlds that border ours.   I have determined that I will have to go through some of her old tomes in the attic, and see what I can find there.  It has also been brought to my attention that save the few deities of the new temple, we are lacking in my knowledge of religious practices abroad.

We shall have to endeavor to remedy this, before I make more of a fool of myself to the outsiders, I will need their help to achieve his legacy .

Our group has also been instructed to include Shalelu in our council, or rather she include us in hers.  Imagine, years here with absolutely no acknowledgement, and suddenly for 4 outsiders she’s all up on the idea of inclusion.  It appears that my request was honored in part at least. She plans to scout, while Hemlock goes to Magnimaar to recruit more troops, so that we can go on the offensive against the goblins.  A chance to truly test my skills at last!


My hands shake as I write this, still unable to believe it myself.

I have finally unlocked the secret of combining blade and spell!  A strange calmness came over me, and without thinking I called the icy blast to my hand, yet instead of reaching out to touch the demon, I struck out with my sword, and felt the deathly chill surge through the steel.  AMAZING!  This is the secret I had been searching for, something my father’s people had mastered when men were still in mud huts.  Such Power!  The demon, frozen in place, shattered into pieces as I twisted my blade free.  Vindicated at last, we will no longer be denied the acknowledgement of our heritage.

Our first duties in our new capacity are bittersweet.  Ameiko was kidnapped, but rescued.  Her father and many of his glassworks employees killed, and her brother now a captured murderer.

It seems that Ameiko’s half brother (half-elf, and disowned as well, imagine that…) was the “longshanks” in the graveyard.  He is under the illusion that Tobyn’s daughter is alive, and part of some demonic death cult.  He is also unhealthily infatuated with naked winged devil-women, he referred to as a Succubus.  Osanna paled on looking at the illustrations, and almost slapped Hathus for salivating over them.  Apparently her religion has some particulars about nudity.

It seems that his experience with the Festival has made him overconfident.  If not for Osanna, I would not have lived through the glassworks confrontation.  My spells were effective once again, but they do necessitate that I be in front of my erstwhile companions, to avoid an unfortunate repeat of the incident with Ko.  Still, it was a valuable lesson, both on our frail mortality and the benefits of casting defensive magics before opening the door on superior numbers.  Sadly, Ko was also laid low during the fight, as was Hathus.  The former while trying to defend my unconscious body from being carried into the forge, the second for his supreme lack of magical prowess.

Samael proved to be a competent and capable warrior once again, though slow to the fray.  Osanna was solid as always, and thankfully was more cognizant of the fallen(myself) not just concerned with hacking at the enemies.   Ko seems to anchor our line.  It is amazing, just being in battle with him seems to leave enemies open to our attacks.  I would suspect it has something to do with attacking a foe at knee level, even goblins have to swing downwards.

After rescuing Ameiko and taking the Tsuko back to the prison, we continued to explore the “smugglers” tunnels under Sandpoint.  It seems they are rather extensive, and lead to at least one cave along the coast.  We have scouted out landmarks that should let us find that one again from the cliffside, in the direction of Thistletop Island and one of the goblin tribes.  Deeper into the tunnels we ran into worked stone, it seems that Sandpoint sports more ruins than just the Lighthouse and a couple old buildings, there is an entire complex down there.  We came across a strange statue down there, and Ko went all to pieces.  **A drawing of a Glyph is to the side of the text** Kalia thought the weapon it held might be worth something, and Ko nearly had hysterics when she grabbed it.  Luckily, Ko’s instincts were wrong this time, but I can’t fault his logic.  There’s a reason that a gold-chased weapon is still attached to a statue when goblins and demons are around, and it can’t be because they just didn’t see it.  For some reason, the statue made me uncomfortable as well, something about it seems familiar, but detached.

We discovered a font that both Samael and Osanna agree should be destroyed, holding some unholy water.  When those two agree on something, you know it has to be terrible.  We will lead Father Zantus down there tomorrow so he can consecrate the area, and remove the evil taint.  Speaking of demons, I hope he can give us some ideas about what to do with the other font, because I have never seen anything so highly enchanted in my life.  I pray we find a way to shut that down, because the little flying creature summoned  two demons from it, and I don’t know enough about them to kill them well.  The flying one was smaller than the others, yet still used more magic and shrugged off more damage than either of the larger ones.  If it is really what they referred to as a Quasit, then that Font and an “army” of them is a death sentence for Sandpoint.

**NOTE: Remember to ask Kalia, and read anything you can find in the attic on beings made of the elements, that little stone creature was very difficult to kill, and hit amazingly hard for it’s size.  It was like Ko made of gravel…

It was hard fought, but in the end we emerged triumphant.  I hope Ko forgives me, with that flying lizard shaking off my magic and my arrows ineffective, I hurled him into the air at it in frustration.  Amazingly enough, Ko was quick witted, and clove it in two mid air.  I suppose that catching flying insects for dinner is relatively similar.

I am beginning to see the benefits and drawbacks of my companions fighting styles, Osanna is solid and dependable, Samael tends to talk through most fights, but is very effective when he strikes.  Ko is amazing, if I could be sure they wouldn’t eat the swallowtails, I would say we should travel to the mushfens and recruit some soldiers among those tribes.    Kalia, I can’t seem to get a handle on.  I don’t know what it is, she was obviously raised by dwarves based on her social skills and love of food and drink, but choosing to use a weapon she is obviously poorly trained in strikes me as the most stubborn of contrariness.  Perhaps Osanna and I can convince her to use something more fitting, and possibly wear some armor.  That would give us a solid line of troops, and if we could only convince Hathus to dispense with some of the magical might he went off to gather we would be a force to be reckoned with.

So far as Hathus’ abilities, I’m truly beginning to wonder if his eyesight is the problem.  This makes several battles now where he has spent the majority of his time squinting to see the various combatants and laughing uncontrollably.  Perhaps the memory of the fire years back has caused some kind of stress madness.  Before we go back into that area tomorrow we will have to have a talk to work this out.  I will suggest that to Osanna as well.

Into the dark places (Hathus’ Journal pt3)

Well, this has been an interesting turn of events.  I have been made a deputy of the town tasked with protecting its safety from the goblin hordes.  Soon I will make ‘hero’ a name which I am not ashamed to hear.

The other I have met seem to have taken well to their new duties.  Kalia is teaching the other guards how to miss the targets striking fear into the hay bales.  Ko is continuing to follow around Osanna who has taken to talking more and more.  Samael is raising an army of infants to attack the some great fear of his.  And Xander is finally useful.  Perhaps I can avoid them all while we wait for the sheriffs return.  I must admit though, the goblin problem is greater than this town can handle.  I hope the sheriff is able to bring a small army to finally clear the area of the menace.

There was a lovely lady I met today.  She must have moved here while I was gone.  I surely would have noticed her figure before.  I will have to visit with her tomorrow and make sure her home is safe from ‘goblins’.

I wonder what I should do after this is all over.  I can only say in this town for so long before it grows tiresome.  Should I travel again?  Attend another academy?  The Twilight Academy was open to the magic of my mother, I’m sure others will be willing to accept it as well.


I did not expect to have to act in an official capacity so soon.  Apparently Ameko has gone missing.  I suppose the closet inspections and entertainment will have to wait.   She’s probably sleeping in or wandering on the beach.  I’m sure there will be more to add on this later.

That was unexpected.  Apparently the rumor of a half brother was true.  An angry sort who took to the butchery of innocent lives.  We captured him, but it was far too late for Ameko’s father and the other glass-works employees.

I’m not sure if it was the glass burns or the sight of the fallen, but something mother taught me finally rang true, “Compassion holds life together.”  Suddenly the words came to me and I was able to heal injuries.  Little Ko was badly beaten by the discarded son and it brought misery.  Perhaps there is more in my mother’s teachings I need to reflect on.

Ameko’s brother kept a journal.  Quite the budding artist.  It was filled with drawings and ramblings about the dead priests daughter.  He had quite the imagination.  Apparently, he is delusional and thinks she is alive and a succubus.  I would have read more but Osanna took the book away.  Quite the prude that one.  I wonder what she’s hiding within her physical and mental armor.  There’s more there than meets the eye.  If I didn’t know better, one would think she thought the images were of her.

We fought some terrible creatures in the glass-works basement.  There is more there but we must rest.  A sanctuary of sorts was down there and dedicated to some god named lamoosh or something.  Both Samael and Osanna lost their minds and started claiming it was chaotic this and evil that.  Sounds the same as all the other religious babble.  I have to admit, going into it was disturbing.  I swore to never enter another place of worship but I had little choice.  Hopefully we didn’t bring the wrath of a diety onto us in there.

– Hathus

Grippli ≠ Goblin (Ko’s Journal pt 2)

Rova 24, 4707

This is exactly why I don’t like coming in to towns anymore.  The villagers mistook me for a goblin — the same thing happened in Wartle, but at least there, the carnival was able to claim me as one of their own — and for a moment, I thought they were going to lynch me in the middle of the festival.

Surely the Dawnflower was watching over me yesterday, however, as she sent one of her envoys to defend me from the mob.  Osanna Redbreeze, a champion of Sarenrae herself, managed to calm the crowd down and disperse them before the entire town decended on me with pitchforks and torches, even though I don’t believe that she herself had ever seen a grippli before.  A tiefling by birth, she may look nothing like Sir Warren, but her mannerisms reminded me so much of him that I found myself on my knees, nearly begging for forgiveness before her.  Even more surprising was when she offered me her hand and requested I rise.  Only two other people have ever treated me as equals, as she has done since I have met her. Continue reading

The Heroes of Sandpoint (Session 1.2 Recap)

(Module 1, Burnt Offerings, Session 1, 6/29/14.  Part 2 of 2.)

That evening, as the sun began to dip below the horizon and stars began to appear in the dusky sky, the townsfolk again began to congregate, this time outside Sandpoint’s new temple. The cathedral was situated on the north side of town, atop a small cliff overlooking the town to the south and west, and the Turandarok River to the east. The temple was a grand stone structure with three wings facing to the west, south, and east. To the north sat a number of small storage sheds, and behind the temple, further to the east, laid Sandpoint’s graveyard, known as the Boneyard. The podium that had been in the town square earlier that morning had been moved to outside the cathedral, and as the townsfolk crowded around outside the grand structure, Father Zantus made his way toward the small stage. Continue reading

Camaraderie. Faith. Revelation. (Osanna’s Journal pt 2)

Dawn.  A new day.  A new morning.  Glorious!  My prayers are spoken.  Some have been answered.  This morning I find that I am not alone during my prayers.  Her shrine is not alone during our prayers.  I can think of few greater rewards for walking in Her footsteps.  There is no greater evidence that there is strength of faith, camaraderie, and the light of revelation in these people that I have been sent here to guide and fortify.


Camaraderie.  Faith.  Revelation.  Those would be my words, nay my discoveries from yesterday’s events.  The Swallowtail Festival was wondrous! I saw around me mirth, merriment, and the miracle of happiness all throughout Sandpoint.  I even allowed myself , for the first time since I left home, to be a competitor.  I daresay it even had the desired effect.  The people know now that I am strong and that I can be strong for then when they are not able to be.  When I say that I will defend their lives and well-being with strength of faith and of sword arm that I am so very serious.  And it was fun.  The…young man with his poor, frail mother said something about me breaking the town record….and breaking the town bell.  I suppose that if I were a braggart that the prior fact would have meaning for me.  Though….I think I will speak to the town’s smith about procuring said bell.  I think I’d like to have it as a token while I’m telling that story in years to come.  I am sad that I missed the Tug-of-War competition.  Team building competitions can do wonders for building morale.  Perhaps we’ll be able to have a games more frequently.  Perhaps…in the month of Sarenith.

Throughout my travels and certainly amongst the Varisians I’ve heard different variations of a particular saying, “Necessity makes for strange bedfellows.”  Bedfellows?  Well, I’ll only comment on the proverbial meaning of the word.  Throughout the festival I made the acquaintances of 5 other curious individuals that, as fate would have it, aided me in quelling the goblin attack and safeguarding Sandpoint.


Ko.  In my long travels I’ve never seen nor heard tell of a creature called a grippli…until yesterday.  I believe that our meeting was no accident.  A mob of townsfolk had mistaken him for a goblin and, I believe, had every intent on killing him in a manner most violent.  I saw no evil in his soul…only fear of reprisal from the great crime of being born as he is.  I know that punishment all too well.  After dispersing the mob, he knelt to me and showed me every courtesy afforded a woman of noble birth.  I bade him rise and thanked him for his courtesy.  I’ve not been greeted that way since….

Xander.  This one…behind his facade of sarcasm I sense admirable qualities.  Love, respect, and adoration for his ailing mother.  Some formal schooling in the arcane arts lends to his downplayed potency.  His timely intervention with his foreknowledge of gripplis helped me to save Ko from the mob.  It is the light of knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance.  I shall watch this one, hope for him, and guide him with an open hand.

Hathus.  A textbook example of a young man that’s taken to too much drink and that has delved too deeply into the pleasures of the flesh.  I sense something in him.  Is it fear?  Frustration?  Has he taken to vice in order to mask…something?  Shame?  Time will be the light that will reveal all things.

Kalia.  Another wondrous chance to become worldlier and learn from others.  She is of a line of people called oreads.  In their blood flows the very earth…which explains her rocky exterior.  I wonder if this is the sole explanation of her dour and betimes grating personality.  I’m careful not to judge her on this.  I do not know her past…though in time I may yet.  I found her praying at the shrine of Erastil before the boar hunt.  I suppose this explains the bow…and maybe her personality quirks.  Old Deadeye and his ilk are not known to mince words.

Samael.  The Dawnflower has seen fit to challenge me.  Good.  Asmodeus sent this zealot north in order to brow beat Father Zantus into permitting a shrine to be erected to the father of lies in Sandpoint.  Our initial exchange was illuminating.   I now understand the nature of this man, and thus, I now understand what he is capable of.  I had hoped that the chilly reception he received would have sped him south back to the citadel from whence he came.  Alas.  The goblin attack dropped a proverbial tree along his road.  He must know that I will oppose his plans to establish a shrine here.  He’d be a fool to expect otherwise.  Still…I sense no evil on his soul, which is very curious considering his religious beliefs.  I see before me nothing if not strength and determination.  I will keep him close.  Closer than the others.

Now we go to find the body of a long dead cleric that was stolen from his mausoleum.  My enemies are concealed from me, but not for long.  Their end is coming.  For the pain and death that they visited upon my people and for the violation of the body of a noble and holy man they will pay the highest price.