Chocolate Lasagna, aka Chocolate Striped Delight (vegan-friendly optional!)

I’m not vegan. Really. I promise. But I do have a bunch of weird food restrictions (including not being able to eat dairy) and an even weirder stomach disease (that I’m not going to get into in this post.) The end result is that I end up making a fair amount of vegan, or almost-vegan food.

Like this…thing. It has a couple of names. I see it referred to in recent years as Chocolate Lasagna. My mom used to make something pretty similar called Chocolate Striped Delight when I was a kid. Whatever you call it, and however you make it (vegan or not), it’s really delicious. So you should totally make it.

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The Best Cinnamon Rolls You’ve Ever Eaten

So today was our one year anniversary of playing together in Rise of the Runelords. We had a game yesterday where we celebrated by reviving Glenn and watching Kief get murdered and helping Osanna open the temple of Sarenrae in Magnimar. It was good times.

In actuality, I always make food for our games and I have always said I would post some of the recipes for the stuff I make, and I never have. So I thought today would be a good day to change that, and what better recipe to start off with than my cinnamon rolls? Especially since the batch I made yesterday was the most perfect of perfect cinnamon rolls, apparently.

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