Session 6.2 Recap: The Heroes of Prophecy

“What – what the hell was that!?” I cried, staring toward the wall as it began to splinter inward toward us.

We had just returned to the cabin that was once a base camp for the dwarven miners along the Kazaron River, Osanna carrying the bones of a decades-deceased dwarf that we had found up in the Kodar Mountains not far from here. The bones belonged to one of a pair of brothers, the other’s spirit of which had appeared before the party last night, requesting that we find his sibling’s remains and return them to him so that the two might reconcile in the afterlife. This was the pair that Osanna had seen in her vision before we left Magnimar; the one she was carrying, was the one that had eaten his brother.

The spirits of both dwarves stood among us now, staring at each other as if they were locked in some silent contest of wills. However, no sooner had we returned to the cabin – finding both Samael, who had stayed behind to keep an eye on things while we retrieved the brother’s remains, and Naru, who had found our path and caught up to us while we were out in the blizzard, waiting for us – than something began smashing against the wall of the cabin.

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Session 6.1 Recap: Monster


This one gets a little graphic in places.

* * *

What is that? Do you see that? Against the wall of the cliff, there in the distance,” Glenn said, pointing ahead of the group through the billowing snow. The party had been traveling along the frozen Kazaron River in the far reaches of northeastern Varisia for a week and a half, protected by the frigid temperatures and billowing winds of the high reaches of the Storval Plateau by both magic and thick layers of leather and furs that they had brought in preparation for their search for Xin Shalast. They knew that the hidden city of the Runelord of Greed was located on Mhar Massif, a plateau located somewhere between the Material Plane and the twisted plane of Leng, and that the entrance to the city could be found somewhere along the river they were currently traveling along.

Looks like a building of some sort – a cabin, perhaps?” Osanna responded, peering forward as a gust of wind sent a rush of snow off the top off cliff they had been following, the powdery white substance swirling around them and sparkling in the late afternoon sun.

What, exactly, are we looking for, again?” Samael asked, sounding booth exasperated and annoyed as he brushed loose snow off his dark armor. “Some kind of dwarven mine?”

A base camp for the mine, to be precise,” Bill responded. “The dwarves may be able to tell us more about how to get to Xin Shalast.” Continue reading

The End of Part 4, “Fortress of the Stone Giants”

The heroes of Sandpoint traveled to the tiny fishing village of Turtleback Ferry to investigate the sudden silence of the nearby Fort Rannick. After a few horrifying encounters with ogrekin and hill giants, they discovered that the giants who captured the fort were just the the first prong of their assault; stone giants were planning to raid Sandpoint.

The heroes hurried home, and while Sandpoint fortified its defenses, they discovered an ancient Thassilonian complex was underneath the old temple of Sarenrae in Magnimar. Apparently part of Runelord Zutha’s territory, it served as a prison for a variety of terrible creatures, including a black book bound in human flesh and penned in blood; Xander and Bill both partook of its knowledge, gaining a deep understanding of necromancy in more ways than one. The most surprising discovery, however, was that Osanna has a sister who had been trapped inside the facility by her mother. Driven mad by her isolation, the tortures of her mother, and the spirits she was trapped with, she intends to kill Osanna and prove herself worthy to her mother. For the moment she’s disappeared, but she promised to return when Osanna was alone…

After returning to Sandpoint, the heroes successfully repelled a raid consisting of dozens of stone giants and an underworld dragon. Then, from a stone giant prisoner, they learned that the goal of the raid was to steal a particular stone from the ancient ruin known as the Old Light; the ruin was not originally constructed as a lighthouse, as many people believed, but as a magical weapon for the Thassilonian empire called a Hellstorm Flume. The stone giants’ leader, Mokmurian, was particularly interested in the resting place of the commander. More disturbing than that, though, was that an army of ogres, hill giants, stone giants, and more had formed under Mokmurian with the intent of conquering the human settlements of Varisia.

The heroes also learned the location of Mokmurian’s fortress, Jorgenfist, on top of the Storval Plateau, and decided to take the fight to him. They bargained their way past a disgruntled dragon, planted the seeds of a rebellion among the stone giants, and fought through horrific guardians underneath Jorgenfist. They learned that Mokmurian had gained great magic and followers in the form of lamia after journeying far to the north; all along, he was behind the waves of greed, murder, and sacrifice that had swept through Varisia, all in the name of unleashing the Runelord of Greed, Karzoug, who is still alive after ten thousand years and intends to make Varisia his empire once again.

After a narrowly-won battle, the heroes defeated Mokmurian. From his dead body, Karzoug’s voice issued a proclamation that soon, the armies of the lost city of Xin-Shalast would scour the countryside, and he is unimpressed that these few heroes are all Varisia could muster after ten thousand years.

Fortunately for the heroes, Jorgenfist sits on top of an ancient library, filled with tens of thousands of books from the Thassilonian Empire. After a week of study, they learned a number of useful things; most importantly, the Runelords had all worked together to create a place named Runeforge, and some researchers theorized that in Runeforge it would be possible to create magical weapons capable of slaying Runelords. Interestingly, apparently the Xaliasa that Mokmurian was searching for knew the location of and had a key to Runeforge…

Unfortunately, the library contained a second volume of the black book that is slowly corrupting Bill and Xander. They smartly decided to resist the urge to read it, but Xander was unable to resist his father’s spirit, who forced him to read the tome. Its purpose became obvious; Runelord Zutha had split his soul into three tomes and is patiently waiting for them to be reunited once more with a suitable host body. The corruption has left Bill but is now concentrated solely in Xander, and his father is becoming recklessly obsessed with finding the last part of the book, believing that he’ll be able to control Zutha and use his power to uncurse Xander’s mother.

The party found a small amount of hope; the Runelord of Wrath, Alaznist, who shared a border with Zutha’s region, apparently had constructed a facility dedicated to understanding and breaking curses. One of the tomes on the subject matter indicated that she was trying to create some sort of “curse-breaking flower” that would have dominion over any curse. Coincidentally, there were enough clues left behind to discern the location of this facility, and it seems to be the same place where Ko obtained his curse. Perhaps the party’s salvation lies within…

Just A Day In The Life (Session 2.1 Recap)

(Module 1, Burnt Offerings, Session 2, 7/13/14.  Part 1 of 2.)

The party ate well that night, feasting on roasted boar, poached apples, and spiced mead (except Osanna, who insisted on nothing stronger than fruit juice) from the Rusty Dragon Inn, provided complimentary by Ameiko Kaijitsu. With their bellies full and their bodies weary from the boar hunt earlier in the day, the group of tentative allies slept well that night.

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The Heroes of Sandpoint (Session 1.2 Recap)

(Module 1, Burnt Offerings, Session 1, 6/29/14.  Part 2 of 2.)

That evening, as the sun began to dip below the horizon and stars began to appear in the dusky sky, the townsfolk again began to congregate, this time outside Sandpoint’s new temple. The cathedral was situated on the north side of town, atop a small cliff overlooking the town to the south and west, and the Turandarok River to the east. The temple was a grand stone structure with three wings facing to the west, south, and east. To the north sat a number of small storage sheds, and behind the temple, further to the east, laid Sandpoint’s graveyard, known as the Boneyard. The podium that had been in the town square earlier that morning had been moved to outside the cathedral, and as the townsfolk crowded around outside the grand structure, Father Zantus made his way toward the small stage. Continue reading

Once Upon A Time In Sandpoint (Session 1.1 Recap)

(Module 1, Burnt Offerings, Session 1, 6/29/14.  Part 1 of 2.)

“Welcome! Welcome, everyone! We are so pleased to see you all here at our annual Swallowtail Festival! It is so good to see so many familiar faces, and I see several new faces in the crowd this year as well!” Mayor Kendra Deverin of Sandpoint stood on a podium in the town square, beaming at the mass of people surrounding her. “This year is especially important, for not only are we paying respect to the Song of Spheres, our lady Desna, we are also celebrating the completion of our new temple.” Kendra paused for a moment to scattered applause through the crowd.

The auburn-haired human woman nodded in thanks to the townsfolk surrounding her before continuing. “We will of course be holding the annual Swallowtail Release, today at noon, followed by a catered lunch. But before then, I hope you all will enjoy some of the games and activities that we have set up around the square here. Later this evening, we will celebrate the opening and consecration of our new temple, at dusk. Now, there are a few other townsfolk who would like to have a word before everyone disperses for the day, so if you could please give them your attention!” Continue reading