Spoiler-Free Recap

In lieu of a new chapter of All The Warm Lives this week, I have updated the What’s This? section of the blog.  I have had a few people ask about the blog, and realize there is so much ground to cover to get people up to date to the current storyline that we really needed to have a summary available somewhere so people who are new to the story can get caught up and not be totally lost.  However, there are also people who are playing or planning on playing Rise of the Runelords, so I tried to keep the recap as spoiler-free for the actual content of the Adventure Path as possible.  We added so much original content that I really focused on our characters’ backstories and individual story arcs and kept the main storyline as vague as possible.

Anyway, you can find the recap under the What’s This? section, where I also organized most of the relevant blog posts by the order that they happen in, since a lot of them ended up being posted out of order and would be really confusing to read if you just read them straight through.  Enjoy!

House Rules

While I’m running the game fairly close to standard Pathfinder rules, there are a few things I’m tweaking.  I’ll document them here for the sake of posterity…

Hit Points

When you level up, you can choose to either gain hit points PFS style (take the average, rounded up) or roll for them.  There will be no re-rolls if you roll poorly.

Knowledge Skills

I strongly dislike how using knowledge skills to identify monsters works.  Specifically, I think that being allowed to ask a number of questions based on your check makes it too easy to identify all of a creature’s abilities and weaknesses, especially in situations where there is no realistic way that your character could know that information.  Instead, when you roll, there will be no questions; I will tell you what you know based on how high your skill check is.

GM Intrusions

Stolen from Numenera and integrated into Pathfinder, the GM Intrusion is a way for me to announce that I am going to break the rules, usually either for dramatic or comedic effect.  When I announce that I’m using an intrusion, if the player I’m using it on allows it, I will break the rules in some creative way, and in exchange the player will get a token.  Players can later hand in tokens to get a +2 on any die roll, even after you’ve rolled and seen the result.  Alternatively, if you already have tokens saved up, a player can turn one in to refuse to allow the GM Intrusion.

I’m still open to tweaking how the rewards work, depending on how people feel about them after seeing them in practice; I might also hand out tokens to other players who were involved in the intrusion, or maybe allow a player to turn in three tokens at once to get a re-roll instead of a bonus.


If your character is knocked unconscious, don’t tell other players how far under you are or if you’re stable.  Their characters would need to examine you and make heals checks to figure out how badly you’re doing.

Welcome to Golarion!

The setting that our campaign, Rise of the Runelords, takes place in is the high fantasy world of Golarion.  Golarion is Paizo Publishing’s official main world for their Pathfinder Campaign Setting.  Specifically, Rise of the Runelords takes place within a region of Golarion known as the Inner Sea; more specific still, within the country of Varisia.

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